Sean Mahaney is a well known race and show car fabricator with over 33 years of fab and tube bending experience. He injects this  passion  into every custom chair he builds. Unlike others that have been in the industry forever and continue to build the same products as always, we bring a fresh edge to wheelchair building. With 30 years of suspension design knowledge, we have designed a proven and more stable system that utilizes the shocks to their fullest potential. We set out to constantly build the most durable chairs on the market, only using top quality parts for style and strength with several parts designed by Sean to meet our high standards for strength and durability.

  Our company is a true family company.

Our inspiration comes from our daughter Trinity. She's a full-time wheelchair user born with Spina Bifida. Since her first wheel chair at 23 months old, Donna Mahaney set out to learn about seating and usability all while being an advocate to help children get proper fitting chairs.  Helping kids lead active lifestyles while nurturing the love of sports and independence were her main goals.  

When Sean married Donna, he got a crash course on how bad the wheelchair industry is. He realized quickly that it was hard to get a truly personalized wheel chair.  The Custom companies were out of reach for most in price, with the quality not at a 'show car' level and very repetitive in design. This makes our goal to be the most ultra custom wheelchair builder out there but keep our prices as close to production line built chairs as possible.

Who We Are.